Opossums are the only marsupial native to North America, which means that it has more in common with a kangaroo than any animal on this continent. Although these creatures are certainly unique, you don’t want one as a roommate.


If you suspect an opossum infestation in your home, here’s how to confirm your fear. Plus, what to do about this undeniable problem.

opossum Control

opossum trapping

Opossums are not especially fast or strong. They are caught in a cage trap. Securing areas under sheds and porches with galvanized steel hardware cloth will keep opossums from denning sites. One-way doors can also get rid of opossums from your home.


Once the opossum is gone, we will close any entry points with hardware cloth. We will install fencing around sheds or porches if an opossum created a nest under your house. Habitat modifications such as securing garbage cans, clearing brush piles, removing woodpiles, bringing pet food inside, securing birdfeeders, and cleaning up any fruit or vegetables from gardens.


We apply sanitization agents to neutralize opossum feces and urine. Ectoparasite treatments will exterminate any pests like ticks and lice left behind from the opossum. Proper sanitation will prevent diseases. We repair damage caused by the opossum inside the home.

opossum in the House

Opossums build nests of twigs and grass in dark spaces to rest during the day. These nocturnal creatures tend to only venture out of the nest at night. Typically, opossums prefer to make nests in dry tree cavities or rock crevices. But as their natural habitat shrinks, opossums have adapted to make their nests inside human structures. The resourceful animals are known to make their homes in walls, attics, and crawl spaces. It’s also common to find them under sheds and decks. The creatures can exploit relatively small openings in your home’s exterior. Even if they can’t fit through at first, a bit of scratching and gnawing can widen existing holes. Finally, a bold opossum might enter through unsecured pet doors at night. Although this isn’t a regular occurrence, it is worth closing this big entry point at night.

Signs of opossum Infestation

Opossums have a reputation for wreaking havoc wherever they go. Although this isn’t a good thing for your property, it does make it easy to spot an opossum problem. When you have an opossum on your hands, the first sign is usually noticeable damage to the outside of your building. Opossums are strong climbers that don’t mind making a mess of your walls. You might spot torn shingles, damaged eaves, broken gutters, or ripped soffits around your home. Beyond the physical damage, your nose might pick up on an unpleasant smell coming from the ceiling or walls. That’s likely the trail of urine and feces opossums leave behind. Also, you might hear strange noises emanating from above. A few common opossum sounds include ripping, scratching, clicking, hissing, and shrieking. Any of these noises could mean that an opossum has made your house their home.

Problems with opossum

Opossum Damage

An opossum that makes a home in your attic can cause significant damage getting around. With sharp claws and the ability to gnaw, they can easily destroy electrical wires and insulation.

Health Hazards

Even though opossums typically avoid human interactions, they will carry diseases into your home. An encounter with this houseguest could lead to contracting a disease like tuberculosis, tularemia, or toxoplasmosis. Not only will these diseases threaten your health, but also any pets living in your home.

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