Nuisance Wildlife

Typical Wildlife in Raleigh-Durham

Nuisance wildlife refers to an animal that causes property damage, presents a safety threat, or causes an annoyance within, under, or upon a building.

Trutech has the experts to handle any of these nuisance animals that have found their way into your home or on your property. 

Rat Removal

In your home, there is no animal quite as terrifying to come across as a rat. These small rodents are quick to act, potentially destroying parts of your home and yard with their chewing and defecation.

Bat Removal

Bats in the house traditionally roost inside attics or other spaces that provide shelter from the elements and easy access to food sources located nearby. Additionally, bats enter homes in order to birth and foster their young.

Mice Removal

Known as the most common house-infesting rodent, mice can survive just about anywhere. The house mouse will enter your house looking for food and shelther.

Snake Removal

Snakes do not enter your home randomly. Snakes are in your basement, crawlspace, attic, shed or garage for a purpose. The snake is either hunting for food or escaping the elements. 

Bird Control

In Greater Tampa, starlings, pigeons, sparrows, and woodpeckers most commonly cause problems for homeowners or business owners.  

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are ever recognizable with their black-masked face and nocturnal habits. Raccoons will enter a residential area, including your own, in search of food. 

Squirrel Removal

If you have woken up to the sound of scurrying above your head, you may have a problem with squirrels in your home. Do not ignore this problem! Squirrels might stay for up to three months and can cause significant damage.

Armadillo Removal

Armadillos need warm habitats to survive since they do not store fat well and have a very low metabolism. For this reason, homeowners of Greater Tampa commonly encounter armadillos. 

Mole Removal

The soft sandy ground and warm temperatures in Greater Tampa allow a perfect environment for moles.

Opossum Removal

Opossum pose little threat to people but can destroy your yard and property. The space beneath porches, decks, and stairs all serve as ideal nesting locations for opossums.

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The Wildlife Experts

Our professional team of licensed technicians will quickly and humanely handle your wildlife needs.

Hunter Smith Trutech Service Manager


Our wildlife removal process always starts with a free inspection. We want to determine all current and potential entry points, the scope of the damage, and how many animals are present. 

From there we’ll work with you to create a customized prevention plan so you won’t have the same issue again.

We then get to work. We trap and remove the wildlife on your property, and clean up any damage.

The cost of wildlife removal is unique to each situation.

There are a number of factors that determine the price, such as:

  • location of the animal (i.e. – chimney, attic, crawl, wall void, living area)
  • condition of the animal (i.e. – sick, aggressive, dead)
  • location and condition of the property and time of year (i.e. – weather condition, offspring present?)

Generally speaking, pricing will vary by location and species for just the animal removal and that pricing usually does not include the entry repair.

We use only humane trapping and prevention services. The goal of our exclusion services is to prevent not to kill. Florida has specific laws by animal that dictate what we must do when it comes to controlling wildlife on your property.

Yes! We are licensed and insured. 

All whole home exclusion services come with a one-year warranty (does not apply to rats and mice).  If the target animal returns to the repaired area, we will remove the animal and provide necessary exclusion repairs at no charge to you.  For rats and mice, Trutech offers ongoing monthly exclusion and prevention services.

Breeding seasons drive animals to seek safe places to have babies. Raccoon breeding season starts in March and April. Squirrels can have two litters, one in the spring and another in August or September. Bats have babies early in the summer, but they cannot be removed until the pups can fly usually staring in August.

Rodents like rat and mice breed year round. 

Summer rains and heat cause wildlife to seek cooler and dry spaces in homes and businesses, resulting in unwanted animal invaders and property damage.   

Trutech technicians will trap and remove animals that do not belong in your home. Once the animal is removed, the technician will perform an inspection to determine the point of entry and identify other potential points of entry, recommending the best method to prevent unwanted lodgers. In many cases, exclusion is required to prevent animals from re-entering a residence. In addition, the entries that one animal makes can be expanded upon and used by other animals that were not previously there. It is important to eliminate these entries with reliable construction techniques. Trutech technicians take great pride in their exclusion work. They make sure that entryways are completely covered and inaccessible to unwanted guests. In addition, Trutech technicians see to it that exclusions are as cosmetic as possible, tailoring shapes and colors of construction materials to match your home. We believe that the only thing that should be visible is your beautiful, pest-free home.

No. We do not provide assistance for stray cats, dogs, or other domestic animals. Please contact Pinellas County animal services or Hillsborough County Animal Control.

Client Testimonials

“Trutech was very professional and very thorough and walked me through the process before it happened and made sure I was comfortable with what they were doing. The technician was friendly and personable and worked hard to take care of the issue. Very pleased with the service I received.”
Mary Lou D.
“Amber was the technician that came out to take care of the squirrel that had gotten into a section of the lanai roof. It was making a nest but had left before she arrived. Amber vacuumed out the section and closed off where it had gotten in as well as an area that was also open. She did an excellent job working in a difficult area to give me piece of mind to keep It from getting in again. I would definitely recommend True Tech to help with getting rid of critters.”
Amber D.
“I found evidence of rodents in my attic. They inspected and found multiple areas where the rodents could enter. Shortly before I had called TruTech, I had another company come out and they said there was only one entrance, through the soffit. The Tru Tech technician, Kevin, showed me pictures of the multiple entrance locations he found. Kevin was personable, patiently answered all my questions, was clean and neat and was on time. I would recommend Kevin and Tru Tech for any pest control, wildlife issues that you have.”
Doug K.

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At Trutech, we have the expertise to handle any nuisance wildlife problem you may have.

Our professional team of licensed technicians will quickly and humanely handle your wildlife needs

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